101 Ways to Enjoy the Mosaic Book Cover

101 Ways to Enjoy the Mosaic

Discover the fun in building cultural competence!

Here are 101 tested recipes that will expand your vision, give you new awareness, and help you to experience the other cultures that are all around you.

Maybe the mosaic scares you. Maybe it invites you.

We’re all born curious—but curiosity is an easy quality to lose. It’s too easy in the midst of our busy lives to settle into the comfortable and familiar. To become trapped in our own ideas, our own routines, our own culture. Yet when we look outside—turn on the news or pick up the paper—we see that ours is a world filled with a rich mosaic of cultures and new perspectives.

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101 Ways to Enjoy the Mosaic is a relaxed and reassuring guide to taking the first steps out of the rut and beginning to sample new customs, including foods, festivals and other fun, that we might miss—sometimes because we think we aren’t invited to attend!

The experts call stepping out to enjoy all of this fun building “cultural competence”—the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Share your way!

We are so much more complete as a community when we’re able to learn from each other, so teach me—teach us—the way or ways in which you believe we can evolve into a more diverse, inclusive, and perfect society. You’re invited to share your way here. Together, let’s turn 101 Ways into 10001 Ways, even 10,001 Ways!

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About the Author

Skot Welch

101 Ways to Enjoy the Mosaic has been created from Skot Welch’s thirty-year experience in international business, diversity and inclusion consulting. He’s pioneered diversity and inclusion initiatives for Fortune 500 firms in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, and is the owner of a successful innovation-through-inclusion firm, Global Bridgebuilders. Skot has found that embracing our differences expands our capacities whether in business, in our communities, and especially in our lives.